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Welcome to the official site of Fresh Air Limited. Fresh Air was created in Nigeria in 1998 as a private liability,company, in accordance with the companies and allied matters Decree of 1990, with an authorised share capital of =N=60 Million divided into 60,000,000 ordinary shares of =N=1.00 each. It is wholly indigenous.


Though Fresh Air is licensed to operate both passenger and cargo flights within and outside Nigeria, our main services include: read more >>


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Thank you for visiting Fresh Air Limited.          


Fresh Air Limited is Nigeria's one special purpose             and tourism promoter.          


Our Services include:

* Air movement of outsized cargo

* Bullion flights

* Passenger and cargo flights to West Africa & Central African             cities.

* Cargo consolidation, shipping, handling & delivery.

* Charter flights between Nigerian and Dubai.

* Aircraft leasing

* Flight leasing

* Aerial photography







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